Be Well Programme

Be Well Programme

We are delighted to announce that in September we will be launching our new Be Well Programme to support students and staff with well-being and mental health. As a trust, we are investigating £600,000 over the next four years, in partnership with Humber NHS and Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, to deliver an integrated package of information, training and support.

The Be Well Programme will include:

• Training sessions for staff and information sessions for parents
• Online information to give parents and students reliable information and sources of support for mental health
• One trained youth mental health first aider for every 50 students in each trust school
• A planned series of sessions for students to help them cope more easily with the challenges of everyday life, manage stress and build supportive relationships with their peers
• Support 5 days per week in each secondary school from Humber NHS Foundation Trust professionals
• Access to a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health practitioner working across trust schools for consultation and support
• Direct access into CAMHS via our early intervention process when a need is assessed as requiring a specialist intervention

Jonny Uttley, CEO of The Education Alliance Trust said:

“The mental health of young people has never been higher on the national agenda. There has been a great deal of discussion around the different pressures young people face and how we can best support them. According to Mind, one in ten young people nationally has a diagnosable mental health problem. As a group of schools we have thought about how we can provide the best possible information, training and support and we are delighted to form this partnership and draw on the expertise of Humber NHS and Mind. Through our partnership with Pagabo, a local company, we have generated funding outside our schools’ normal funding to enable us to set up this programme. We look forward to sharing more information and launching this unique programme in September and hope it will have a really positive impact on the lives of our young people, their families and our staff.”

For more information about the Be Well Programme, please see this letter sent to all parents. There will be more information and a formal launch of the programme in the autumn term.

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