Hard work pays off with GCSE students receiving outstanding results

South Hunsley students are celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results right across the board with particularly impressive results in the new maths and English GCSEs.  85% of students achieved the new 9-4 measure in English and Maths which is broadly similar to the old A*-C measure. For the new “strong” pass – grades 5 and above – 66% of students reached this threshold which is comparable with the very highest performing schools in the country. 

This year was the first year of the new grade 9 at GCSE which is designed to identify the very highest achievement. Over 6% of grades were grade 9 compared to 2.5% nationally and an extraordinary 9% of students achieved the grade 9 in maths.

Jonny Uttley, Executive Principal, said “There has been a huge amount of uncertainty across the country with the introduction of the new GCSEs in English and maths. We are absolutely delighted with how well our students have performed right across the school. It is remarkable that 85% have achieved the “standard pass” in English and maths. This makes our Year 11 students some of the most successful in the school’s history. These results continue the trend of outstanding performance by our students at GCSE over many years.”

“We are also thrilled that so many students have achieved the new grade 9. The new grade was designed to identify the very highest levels of achievement and for our students to be so far ahead of national average is a real testament to their hard work and the commitment of our staff. The progress that students of all abilities have made is excellent and we are very proud of every one of our Year 11 students.”

Basics (9-4 in English and maths): 85%
Basics (9-5 in English and maths): 66%
Attainment 8:    57.1

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