Krakow Visit 2019

During half term 28 A Level students participated in a 3 day visit to Krakow, Poland. They visited key historical sites around the Medieval city to learn about Poland’s history – for example they visited the Wawel Castle and the Dragon’s Den where the legend of the Cracovian dragon originates from, the Medieval cloth hall and the Jewish district of Kazimierz.

The main focus of the visit was to learn about Poland’s Second World War history. Students visited the former Jewish ghettos of Krakow, Oskar Schindler’s factory and Auschwitz –Birkenau. The visit to Auschwitz –Birkenau was led by experienced guides who talked through the exhibitions at the former Nazi Extermination Camp. Students learned about the atrocities committed at the camp and heard stories of individual experiences.

Abbie Hastie, Year 12 had this to say about her time in Krakow – “The visit was really useful as it really brought home the horrors of the Holocaust. I think before we went to Auschwitz the Holocaust felt quite distant and was represented by huge, incomprehensible numbers, but seeing the exhibits and the camps was haunting and helped me to consider the individual lives destroyed by Nazi hatred. The visit was also my first trip to Poland so it was interesting to learn about the national history of Poland and I am sure I will visit it again.”

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