NHS Heroes Campaign

Dear Parent/Carer

You may have seen on Twitter that we are launching a new campaign across The Education Alliance to support our NHS Heroes. 

One of our Trust Directors has a sister working as a GP in Leeds General Infirmary. Usually she is pretty robust or some might say 'a tough cookie' but last night, following a 12 hour shift, she broke down and told her sister about some of the circumstances making her job even more demanding. To reduce the risk of infection, the staff shower on site and only have NHS supplied soap - no shampoo, conditioner or shower gel and no time to go to the shops. As they are also having to shower and wash their hands more frequently than usual, their skin is drying out and cracking so hand creams, lotions and moisturisers would really help. To make matters worse and to keep their own families safe, many staff are staying in hotels so are unable to collect basic items from home.

Therefore, we are asking if any of you have any links to store managers or companies that stock toiletries, please get in touch with them and see if they will help or let school know (mail learning email) and we will get in touch. I know times are tough but every item we donate will make a difference. Our aim is to put together gift bags of shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, hand cream and body lotions. A small gift to keep spirits up at the end of harrowing and arduous shifts.

We are running this across the trust schools to support a number of hospital staff across the region. Even if you would be prepared to buy one extra item at the supermarket when you next shop it would be appreciated by our NHS Heroes.

We are going to set up a drop off box outside the main reception gates to ensure we follow the guidance on social distancing. We also don't want people making extra trips so are looking into other drop off points that people can use when taking daily exercise or going on their weekly shop.

Many thanks in advance for the usual South Hunsley Community response. Together we can make a difference at this unprecedented time.

Kind regards

Richard Williman


If you have any questions regarding making a donation please email enquiries@southhunsley.org.uk

Email sent to parents 03/04/2020

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