Student competing in Windsurfing competitions up and down the country!

Year 9 Student Fay T started Windsurfing 5 years ago after visiting an open day at Welton Waters. Her interest in the sport stemmed from her elder sisters residential visit to wales with South Hunsley School where students get to take part in a number of water sport activities, including windsurfing. After seeing her sister do it, Fay decided she had to give it a try!

5 years later not only does she train in the RYA Zone Squad, for gifted and talented wind surfers but she also takes part in events across the country. These events see Fay compete both in land at sites such as Welton Waters but also on the Sea at Weymouth and Bridlington.

She has a number of local competitions coming up in the next few weeks in North Lincolnshire and Bridlington and we can’t wait to hear how she does, good look Fay!

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