Trust Collaboration

Members of the South Hunsley leadership team have recently attended Malet Lambert for the first ever meeting across both trust schools.

Charles, Anna, Harry and Fiona, travelled to Malet Lambert school to meet with the year 11 pupil leadership team and discuss how to move forward as an alliance.

Throughout the meeting, both teams discussed:

1. How each team operates
2. Communication around the school
3. Current projects/Charity work
4. Structure of each team

The aims of the meeting was to build a bond across the trust with Malet Lambert school, to understand how the team works and to share ideas for the future. The student leadership team are now looking to take on board the new ideas from Malet Lambert school and hopefully use them going forward.

A special mention to the staff and students of Malet Lambert school as they made all the South Hunsley student leadership team feel very welcome throughout the day.

South Hunsley and Malet Lambert Leadership Teams

Malet Lambert

South Hunsley Head Girl, Anna

South Hunsley Deputy Head Girl, Fiona

South Hunsley Head Boy and Girl, Charles and Anna

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