Fitness Classes

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Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are available to members as part of their membership. Please take a look at our current class timetable.


A 45 minute mind and body exercise class focussing on posture and core training.  Strengthen and realign the body to calming music.

Fitness Yoga

A 60 minute strength and tone class.  A fusion of traditional mind, body, flexibility and core traning.  Feel your body strengthen and lengthen to soothing music.

Legs, Bums and Tums

A 45 minute strength and tone class.  Strengthen and tone the legs, glutes and abdominals in this high energy workout.

Studio Pump

A 45 minute strength and tone class.  Using dumbbells and barbells to sculpt a lean toned body, this class is a high energy, full body strength workout to up-tempo music.

Group Cycling

A 45 minute cardio class. High energy, low impact cardiovascular training based on a spinning bike.

Core Ball

A 45 minute mind and body exercise class focusing on posture and core stability training with the use of a stability ball. 


High-intensity total-body interval training. Challenging drills and explosive moves that will help you get in the best shape of your life - no matter where you're starting from. 


A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training routine incorporating whole body moves on a low level step.


45 minutes conbining Latin dance moves in an up-beat and rhythmical routine to exciting musical tempos.


Give your metabolism a boost with this 30 minute high intensity bodyweight workout.